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Instructions for Completing the Application

Step 1- Establish Eligibility (See “Who Can Apply?”)

Submit the following: A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation from the Secretary of State; proof that applying organization promotes tourism in the Sedalia area (mission statement, bylaws, etc.); a copy of the last two years financial statements or annual reports. Organizations previously approved need not reestablish eligibility.

Step 2- File Project Summary (See “Project Summary”)

Submit a project summary by January 30 of the year following completion of any previously funded projects. Applicants will not be eligible for future funding if the report is not submitted.

Step 3- Complete the Application

Section A- Organization Information. Step-by-step instructions are provided in the box on the left for the Organization Information requested in Section A on Page 1 of the application. Please read these instructions carefully. Applications with incomplete information on Page 1 will not be accepted.

Signatures of the Project Director and CEO of the participating organization are required in the signature box in Section A. By signing this form, you agree to complete the project as described in the application and that the information you have supplied is complete and accurate.

Section B- Application Requirements & Responsibilities.

Item B1 The Project Summary for any previously funded applications must be completed prior to future funding reimbursements being authorized. Please initial to indicate a summary was submitted, or N/A if a first-time applicant.

Item B2 Eligibility documents must be attached to the original application for any organizations requesting funds for the first time. Please initial to indicate eligibility materials are attached, or N/A if eligibility has already been established.

Item B3 Applicants must submit electronically to the CVB at

Item B4 Sample layouts of the project must accompany the application. If your product is a radio or TV ad, a script or storyboard should be included. All other products should have a rough layout showing the design and information that will be provided. (This need not be professionally type set. A sketch or line drawing is fine.) Please indicate all samples are attached.

Item B5 Three (3) estimates, using the same specifications must be submitted for purchases in excess of $3,000 that can be competitively bid. These three estimates must be submitted on the Bid Record along with the application. (See “Participants Expectations”) Please indicate the bid record is attached.

Item B6 Only one (1) copy of your organizations marketing plan is required. Your proposed project must be reflected in your marketing plan. Please indicate the marketing plan is attached.

Items B7-B11 Outline requirements that participants must agree to fulfill if the project is approved. Initial each item on the list to indicate your organization’s agreement to complete the requirement.

Section C - Marketing Evaluation Criteria. Complete this section if requesting Marketing Funds.

The CVB staff will conduct preliminary review of the application and may make suggestions for revisions. The CVB Board will  make recommendations to the Tourism Commission as contained in the CVB annual destination marketing campaign.

Item C1. Provide a line-item breakdown of the budget amounts for all components of your project.  A budget template will be provided for your use as a part of the application packet.

Vender- The vendor is the person/organization providing the service. For ads placed in publications, the vendor is the magazine, newspaper, etc. With radio or television advertising, the vendor is the station. If you are purchasing a booth or printing a brochure, the vendor is the name of the business or individual providing that service.

Service to be Provided- This should be a very brief description of the service provided by the vendor. If a brochure is being printed, the service provided might read, “Printing 1-page, 4-color, tri-fold brochure.” If you are placing ads in a publication, the service provided should indicate “1/2 page ad” or “brochure ad.” If a service is being provided, a brief explanation of the work being done.

Time Line- The time frame should be specific as possible. In many cases, however, it may not be possible to provide specific dates. For instance: If you’re attending a tradeshow and the exact dates are not available, provide the month that the tradeshow will take place. If you’re placing ads in publications that publish issues monthly, you should provide that information, such as “May issue” or some instances, “Spring/Summer issue.” If you’re providing a time line for a service that is being provided, be sure to indicate the approximate beginning and completion date.

Amount- The cost of the services and/or products.

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