Sedalia Area Tourism Commission

Historic Katy Depot * 600 East Third Street * Room 216 
 Sedalia, Missouri 65301 

What is Expected of Participants?

Following the approval of an application, a participant is expected to do the following:

Proceed with the fulfillment of the project as approved in the application-
Your project was approved based on the information you provided in your
applications. You are expected to complete your project as described in the
application within the project year, January 1 through December 31. If
you are unable to fulfill your contract, or any portion of it, you must contact the
Sedalia Area Tourism Commission as soon as possible.

Project Modifications- Any modifications to the approved project must be reported
in writing to the Sedalia Area Tourism Commission for approval prior to the
expenditure-taking place. This letter should include an explanation for the change.
Modifications cannot increase the total funding approved in the application.

Obtain three bids for costs greater than $3,000- These bids, either written or
via telephone, are required for all purchases that can be competitively bid, such as
printing and production costs. The bids should be summarized on the ?Bid Record?
and are a necessary component of your application. The low bid must be accepted
unless there is strong justification for choosing another bidder. In this case, a written
explanation must accompany your reimbursement request.

Advertise at least 50 miles away- Advertising placed on radio, TV and
newspapers must have 85% of their circulation outside of a 50 mile radius and placed
with outlets licensed outside of the immediate market area. Individual
billboards shall be placed outside the 50 mile radius, unless there is a multiple billboard
project at which time 85% of the billboards will be placed outside the 50 mile radius.

Distribute materials at least 50 miles away- A substantial amount (85%) of
funded products such as direct mail pieces, brochures, calendars, flyers, etc. must be
distributed more than 50 miles from Sedalia.

Provide samples of all products- These items must be submitted with your
request for ?Request for Reimbursement.?
Print ads- Original tear sheet is required. The tear sheet must contain the name and date of the publication. If it
does not, include the entire publication along with your reimbursement request.
Brochures & other printed material-Submit actual finished products and a statement that details the distribution of
these products.
TV ads- Videotapes of these products.
Radio ads- Audiotapes of the ad are required.
Billboards and booths- Submit a photograph of the finished product / billboards exact location.
Research- Submit a copy of the completed report.
Web page designs- Provide the Internet address of the finished web site
Eligible specialty items- Submit samples of actual finished products and a statement detailing the distribution plan
for these items.