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Welcome to the Sedalia Area Tourism Commission Website!

What is the Lodgings Tax in Pettis County? 

State-enabling legislation provided in House Bill 25 of the 86th General Assembly, approved by a vote of the people on August 4, 1992 created the Pettis County Lodgings Tax at a rate of $2 per occupied room per day. House Bill 161 approved by the voters in April 2012 changed the rate to a 5% rate. All proceeds from the tax are to to be used for the benefit of promoting tourism and include destination marketing campaigns, tourism product development, and administration of the Convention & Visitors Bureau.

How is the Lodgings Tax Administered? 

A five-member tourism commission oversees the collection and disbursement of the tax. Two members are appointed by the Pettis County Commission and two are appointed by the City of Sedalia. One member from each governmental appointment represents the hotel and motel industry. The remaining member is appointed by the Convention & Visitors Bureau to represent the general business community. 

 The Commission establishes governing policies and procedures that include the request for funding application process. In addition, the Commission works in conjunction with the Sedalia Convention & Visitors Bureau to maintain a Sedalia Area Tourism Development Plan. One objective of the Tourism Development Plan is to propose funding priorities for tourism marketing and development projects.

 The Tourism Commission recognizes equal opportunity practices in the collection and distribution of lodgings tax proceeds.

Commission Members:

Kyle Herrick, Chair (CVB Representative)

Bill Taylor,  Vice Chair (County Representative)

Erica Eisenmenger, Treasurer (City Lodgings Representative)

Tom Adermann, (County Lodgings Representative)

Kelvin Shaw, (City Representative)

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